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RI Promotions/Reductions

SNCF Carte 12-25

If you intend to travel around the region or further afield and are here for a long time, it may be worthwhile buying a Carte Jeune. This is available for people aged between 12 and 26 years of age allows you 25-50% reduction on train fares , depending on when you travel.


It costs : 45€ (unless there is a promotion on)


Get it from : Any train station or the SNCF Boutique, rue Grande, Besançon .


You can also get it online from .

'Avantage Jeune’ card

An ‘Avantage Jeunes’ Card gives those aged 26 and less discounts on culture, leisure, sport, and shops plus 33 coupons; such as free tickets for the ice skating in Besançon. It can be used only around Franche-Comté but is worthwhile having if you want to get out and do things, cinema prices are the lowest with this card.


There is also the Centre Régional d'Information Jeunesse (CRIJ) 27, rue de la République: here you can buy the Card, find activities to do (they often make two big trips a year), find housing or small jobs.


It costs: 7€


Get it from :

  • Crous services,
  • Bouloie Campus,
  • CTB – Espace Bus, Place du 8 Septembre,
  • Office du Tourisme, 58 rue Grande,
  • Monts-Jura Autogare, 7 rue Proudhon.


An ISIC card, if you don’t already have one, will give you reductions on flights, car hire, tours and trips etc. For only 12€, it’s worthwhile buying but remember to tell the travel agent that you have one, to make sure you get the reduction.