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Before you set off


It is probably worthwhile buying a return ticket as they are usually cheaper. Check with your travel agent to find out whether you are able to change the return flight dates or routes or have an open ended ticket.

For cheap tickets try the following :

Fly from Europe. Offer extremely cheap flights to Geneva IF YOU BOOK IN ADVANCE!

  • OTU voyages
  • Tel: French travel agent specialising in student travel, but availability can be a problem. Flight prices are static and sold as one-ways. There is an office at 40, rue Mégevand.
  • Air France
  • State you are younger than 26 years old to qualify for ‘young persons’ fares. They can be quite cheap but availability is a problem during peak periods so book in advance.
  • ISIC travel
  • Student/young persons travel from Europe and the States.
  • SNCF

If you get the Carte 12-25 for travelling by train, they have an agreement with US Air for discounted flights.

  • Also…  or



Find out whether you can get cheaper insurance from your maternal country or whether it is cheaper in France.


For UK students, Endsleigh provide insurance tailor-made for students studying abroad for short periods. Other such companies are likely to provide similar deals in most other countries.

  • TIP : ISIC offers cheap insurance for all students.


Make sure you have some money in cash or travellers cheques with you for when you arrive here. There are ATMs/Distributors in the airports if you cannot bring money with you.


Be aware that the student restaurants may not be open when you get here so you may have to spend more than you anticipated.

  • TIP : Expect grants and bank accounts etc, to take at least twice as long to sort out as you expected them to. If you are doing an exchange through the US, your university should help you with the necessary monetary set-up.


Ring the accommodation office in advance to tell them when you will be arriving. The ‘Bouloie’ has a 24 reception so there will always be somebody there.


Don’t be alarmed if you happen to be put in a ‘Temporary’ room for a week or so when you first get here. It’s nothing personal just bad luck, and everybody is usually settled by the end of 2 weeks !!!


Don't forget to have your necessary toiletries with you, including shower sandals and toilet paper.


The SRI office will help you with any questions concerning lodging.